Installing Fibre in your neighbourhood - why the wait?

So, you've heard that Frogfoot 'Digs this place!' and fibre will soon be available in your area. But how long do you have to wait to start streaming movies, series, online games? The answer is a little complex but hear us out. A lot happens from the moment we land in your neighbourhood.  

But where to begin? We first need to check to see that your area is 'Frogfoot Friendly' and will assess the condition of the ground. The trenching and fibre installation process can be lengthy given certain unavoidable factors which mainly centre around ground conditions.  

Surveying the area and council permissions 

We know that you are awesome and we are awesome, but this doesn't mean that we don't need to do a 'first date?'. Before we lay fibre in your area, we will do a kind of 'stalk' - not in a creepy way, we just want to see if your neighbourhood is compatible with us. We're sure you understand.  

The first date or 'pre-first date' starts with us surveying the prospective area to see if it is fit for fibre installation. We then apply for way-leaves from the council who approve all planning that goes with the build. We plot each area and decide where the boundary lines will go in order to break precincts up into 'zones'. You know, the usual first date things. 

Once Frogfoot receives approval from the council, all approved plans are handed over to our accredited external contractors.  

How long does a zone take to build? 

Remember, the fibre lines in your neighbourhood are going to be there for life. With this in mind, we make sure we lay the fibre lines just right. Zones typically take over 3 months to build and will include trenching, laying down fibre lines and finally reinstatement before connecting the zone to the node. 

You may see us refer to an area as 'WIP'. During the time that we are trenching, laying down fibre and reinstating your driveway (more on that later), the zone is in the stage known as 'WIP' or Work in Progress. Contractors set an estimated live date for the completion of the build once they have received all approved plans.  

How to read our coverage map 

To make it easier for you to see what stage your area is in our coverage map, a WIP area is demarcated with a yellow border. When we are still planning fibre installation in your area, the coverage map will show a red border around your neighbourhood. Planned areas that still require council approvals are demarcated with a red border.  

Our estimated live dates are very much dependent on what happens 'on the ground'. For this reason, we may push a forecasted date as advised by the contractor.

Once your order has been approved by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and placed with Frogfoot, you simply need to wait for all fibre installation in your area to be complete and to take your area from WIP to Live.  

What happens when my area goes live, and I have pre-ordered? 

You will know when your area is live as the boundary lines on our coverage map will change from yellow to blue. Your ISP will also inform you that your area is now live and will arrange with Frogfoot for a suitable installation date.  

During this time, you can expect a 4-6-week lead time for installation. Please note, this is the standard lead time, however, since installation is based on resources and demand, you may experience an even shorter lead time. If 6 weeks have passed and you are still waiting for installation, it is time to call your ISP. 


The Installation Process 

Once all equipment is installed, our contractors send an acceptance certificate to the ISP. It is then up to the ISP to deliver a router to you, the customer. They will get in contact with you to determine a suitable delivery location. Keep an eye out for our next article as we are going to take you through the entire installation process from the appointment date to what happens after. 

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