Customer Testimonial - Personal Trainer

Chad Pottier, Personal Trainer at FitFreak Training.

  • Area: Table View
  • Line speed: 10Mbps
  • Double Up: 20 Mbps
  • ISP: Vox
  • Total Daily Usage: 12 hours or more
  • Total fibre users in the home: 2
  • Primary platform used: Zoom

User Story

I am a personal trainer at FitFreak Training and use fibre to teach my clients online. Due to the current pandemic, I was afraid I would lose my business. Fibre has been amazing as I have been able to train my clients almost 'as normal' from the comfort of their homes and mine. It is fast and reliable, and my clients appreciate that they can stay in shape during the lockdown.

I have up to 30 clients who log in for my training sessions at the same time and this has not affected the line speed at all. We are all still a happy FitFreak community and enjoy the fact that we can still stay in shape during the lockdown as well as have some much-needed social time.

I can do one-on-one as well as group training sessions with no interruptions and on a reliable speed. My wife also works from home currently and I have had zero issues with both of us using the line at the same time all day long.

Has fibre changed your business?

It has helped to not only keep clients, but to gain more clients who want to work out during the lockdown. I am also now able to teach clients both locally and internationally and I spend my spare time researching new exercises, gaining more industry insight and improving the quality of my sessions with new and exciting fitness programs.

Would you recommend Frogfoot?

I would definitely recommend Frogfoot to others because it is cost effective and reliable. I do not have any interruptions in connectivity while training my clients and with the new Double Up promotion running, I get double the speed at my normal monthly cost.  

Fibre has been the reason I can continue to work from home and has opened opportunities for my business that would not have been possible otherwise.

Frogfoot recommendation

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