Customer Testimonial - Financial Planner

Erika Lawrence - Independent Financial Planner

  • Area: Port Elizabeth
  • Zone: Lorraine 1.8
  • Line speed: 20 Mbps
  • Total Daily Usage: 9-12 hours
  • Total fibre users in the home: 2
  • Occupation: Independent Financial Planner
  • Primary platform used: Video conference platforms

User Story 

I am an Independent Financial Planner at Commrisk and need to ensure that my business never stands still. I use my fibre internet to be able to connect to my client's financial portfolios and assist them at a click of a button.

Has fibre changed your business? 

I have surety without any interruption, I can maintain the customer service that my clients have become accustomed to. And at the same time, I now have access to more local and global webinars via Zoom and other media to further broaden my knowledge and stay on top of the current economic environment we find ourselves in.

 As an Independent Financial Planner, my business cannot stand still. Not only am I classified as an Essential Service, I am essential to my client's financial wellbeing. For this I need an uninterrupted connection and a professional provider. In the first 3 weeks of lockdown, I was solely dependent on data. Not thinking that the lockdown was going to be extended. Fibre is reliable and considerably more cost-effective.

Fibre has most certainly changed the way I do business and even more so during the lockdown restrictions where I'm unable to meet with clients face to face or go to business seminars and launches. This has become the new medium for now and most certainly for the foreseeable future. All my meetings are done through either Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams. This way clients can still meet with me and I can still tend to their financial planning needs.

I am also currently studying. I was going to do a seated exam in June which has now been changed to an online exam due to the lockdown measures.

Would you recommend Frogfoot?

Oh absolutely! Not only for the swift installation. A week later I had my pup chew through the cable. My own fault. I was contacted within a day, met with on a Sunday and all was fixed on the Tuesday post a public holiday-Monday. Now that's customer service! #CLIENTFORLIFE

Frogfoot recommendation

Do you have a business that relies on video calls and research on a fast, cost-effective and reliable line speed? We would recommend a 20Mbps line or faster. Click here to browse our available packages: https://bit.ly/3fueQe8

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