Customer Testimonial - Gamer

Kaylen Kensley - Gamer and DevOps Engineer

  • Area: Western Cape

  • Zone: Bergvliet 1.1

  • Line speed: 200 Mbps

  • Double Up speed: 500 Mbps

  • ISP: Afrihost

  • Total Daily Usage: More than 12 hours

  • Total fibre users in the home: 5

  • Occupation: DevOps Engineer at DPO South Africa.

  • Primary platform used: Gaming and Work platforms.

User Story 

I use Fibre for both gaming and work, both of which require a reliable and stable internet line. In terms of finding a suitable line for gaming, I have found my fibre line to be a vast improvement over ADSL and LTE speeds. 

Has fibre changed your gaming experience? 

Fibre stability has improved my gaming and streaming experience greatly. Prior to having fibre, I was on ADSL, and a mere house phone call would cause the ADSL line to lose synchronisation and reduce line speed. With fibre, I experience the lowest international latency possible as well as a stable line that allows me to work from home without any issues.                    


Has fibre helped with your work?

I use fibre for data-sensitive business and AWS remote work that requires a stable connectivity over company-provided VPN. It has helped me be more efficient as an employee by not disconnecting and maintaining a stable ping during critical remote tasks.

Would you recommend Frogfoot?

I would highly recommend Frogfoot as a gamer and a streamer as your go-to fibre optics provider. I have been working in IT for several years and have experience in combining networks for lower latency in gaming.  

During the recent fibre outage in South Africa, I was affected by the offshore fibre cut and managed to use Frogfoot with Speedify VPN to bypass the latency impact which was affecting many gamers in South Africa.  This was not possible on any other fibre backbone or LTE. 

Whenever I've had an issue with Afrihost (once in 2019) they've escalated to Frogfoot who resolved my connectivity issues in 24 Hours. 

Frogfoot recommendation

Are you an enthusiastic gamer or streamer? We recommend a 100 Mbps line or faster. Click here to browse our available packages: https://bit.ly/3esbTJH

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Customer Testimonial - Gamer

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